2019 Lions 1st Responders Awards (002)

For 29 years the Murray Lions Club has recognized the outstanding first responders from units that serve the Murray-Calloway County area, including four police agencies, a fire department, an EMS unit, and the jail.  Awardees are selected by the head of each agency.  The 2019 recipients and their supervisors are pictured, from left, Lieutenant Steve Lax and Assistant Chief Kevin Doyle, Murray Fire Department; Major Julie Robertson and Jailer Ken Claud, Calloway County Jail; Officer Shannon Puckett and Chief James Herring, Murray State University Police Department; Captain Brandon Passmore and Director Marty Barnett, Murray-Calloway County EMS; Deputy John Michael Hill and Sheriff Sam Steger, Calloway County Sheriff’s Department; Trooper Sarah Burgess and Captain Jerry Hardy, Kentucky State Police; Officer Justin Swope and Chief Jeff Liles, Murray Police Department.


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