Murray Lions Ice Cream Festival Vision Screening-Thanks Murray!

The Murray Lions thank the community for the great turnout not only for the Ice Cream Festival on Friday night, but to all the people that took the opportunity to visit our vison screening event on the Court Square. We screened 65 people, referring 7 to local optometrists for further evaluation and/or eyeglasses. The Lions enjoyed sharing our passion for sight preservation with the community and talking with everyone who stopped by our tent.

Special thanks to Murray Lions members who worked through a fairly (well maybe very)humid night on the Square; Jim Gray, Marty Jacobs, Ken Wolf, Doug Crafton, Paul McCreary, Terri and Rocky Long and Rowina and Jim Wilburn. Also a big thanks to MSU Lions membership chair Parker Upchurch for her great work Friday night.


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1 Response to Murray Lions Ice Cream Festival Vision Screening-Thanks Murray!

  1. Noel Hardwick says:

    Dear Murray Lions, Congratulations on two very successful Projects, That is seven people that will get help with there vision. Thanks to you efforts . The Murray Lions is and has always been a Leader, In there community and our District.
    God Bless
    District Governor Noel Hardwick


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